Neuroscience Research at Leeds

NeuR@L: Neuroscience Research at Leeds

Neuroscience research at the University of Leeds spans different faculties and their component units. On the main campus there is neuroscience research in the faculties of Biological Sciences, Medicine and Health and Engineering. Off the main campus at St James University Hospital site in the Leeds Institute for Molecular Medicine (LIMM) there is also a thriving neuroscience research element.

There is good communication between the different geographical regions, evidenced by collaborations in place as well as biennial meetings at which staff at all levels of all elements participate.

There is strong history of neuroscience research at Leeds - one example is Roy Hullin who with colleagues in the Biochemistry Department carried out work to understand the biology of bipolar disorder and develop lithium as a treatment for it.

In addition, the gold standard for the assessment of depression, the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (Hamilton M: A rating scale for depression. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 1960; 23:56-62), was devised by Prof. Max Hamilton, who was Nuffield Professor of Psychiatry at Leeds. It is still the most widely used depression rating scale in psychiatry today.